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6 comments to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Jo Maugh

    For the 60th celebration, June 4th & 5th, 2010, do you have a hotel selected where we can meet/stay, bus service to/from events? Thanks

  • admin

    Thank you for the question, Jo.

    We are working on hotel arrangements and will publish them as soon as possible.

    Christine Muser.

  • Judy Bustamante Beard

    How can I sign up for the Performing Arts tour only? I get as far as the Pay Pal section. Since it is free Pay Pal won’t allow me to continue.
    Thank you!


  • admin


    thank you for asking. Anyone who signs up only for the Performing Arts Tour and no other events, should use the contact us form to let us know who is coming. PayPal cannot process transactions that include only free items.

  • nancy cieszykowski

    can you take a 13 year old to the events? if yes, is the cost for the 13 year old the same as an adult?

  • admin

    Thank you for your question, Nancy.

    When deciding whether to bring children along please consider that we are not expecting children at these events and have not made arrangements for their entertainment, supervision and safety. This holds especially true for the Gala Reception, which is a semi-formal event, and the Performing Arts Center tour, which involves walking around a construction site.

    The planning committee talked about the possibility of having children come to the ballgame/tailgate party and the consensus was that young children would be out of place. There was some wiggle room on the committee for older children who are well behaved and have someone who can supervise them. So far you are the first person asking about bringing a child along. As for the cost, children would be charged the same amount as adults.