Metropolitan Community College to Honor Mr. K

Metropolitan Community College will mark its 100-year anniversary with the MCC Centennial Celebration to be held the evening of Saturday, April 18, 2015 in the Grand Ballroom of the Kansas City Convention Center.  The event will recognize MCC’s impact on the community and the legacy of one of the college’s most accomplished alumni, Mr. Ewing Kauffman.

Mr. K is one of the hundreds of thousands of students whose lives have been enriched by an MCC education.  In fact, MCC was the only college Mr. K attended.  He earned an associate degree in 1936 and went on to transform the community like few have done, before or since. The Kauffman legacy is all around us, evidenced by Mr. K’s entrepreneurial spirit and still practiced by today’s leaders. The success of the American League champion Kansas City Royals, the richness and beauty of the performing arts as experienced within the center bearing his family name and the continued ripple effect of his philanthropy as carried out by two world-class foundations thrive in Kansas City today.

View this Centennial Celebration packet for Marion Club members  to find out how you can support MCC’s mission in honor of Mr. K.

Originally published on 1/10/2015

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