A Message From Fred Lyons

In keeping with family tradition, Fred Lyons and family already had plans to spend some special time with their grand daughter who graduated High School this year. While he is unable to join us during the Anniversary weekend, Fred Lyons wanted to share this message with Marion Associates:

“I would appreciate it if you could extend to all our associates the best wishes of Dee and me and some comments below …especially that what they have achieved has meant so much to so many people…patients, the medical community, partners in distribution, suppliers, shareholders, the local communities… and all our own families….

I mentioned earlier that Dee and I, for our 50th anniversary, went to Japan and cruised the Inland Sea…On the front end of that we had a mini-reunion with our friends at TANABE and at the end a mini-reuinon with our friends at CHUGAI…In both cases there were many “compais” to the people at Marion (and successor companies) and all that was accomplished. They will never forget.

In addition I often run into physicians who are still appreciative of what Marion did and especially HOW we did it…a code of ethics they remember and miss today. Also, with many friends in the financial arena from around the country, I am often reminded of the esteem in which they held MKC…

Retirement has been a meaningful and enjoyable experience for us…and we hope it has been for other associates…the only negative has been experiencing that some of the associates or their loved ones have passed and others are not in good health…and we extend our blessings and prayers to them.

What we experienced at Marion was unique…it was a company that CARED…for our patients and for each other…It was a SPIRIT that was experienced but not explainable….This is indeed a time for celebration. I wish I could be there to experience it with all of you…but we will be there in spirit….

Best wishes, Fred”