Volunteers of the Marion Club maintain this web site to keep everyone in the loop about the celebrations honoring the 60th Anniversary of the founding of Marion Laboratories in June of 1950.

The Marion Club consists of 750 to 800 folks all over the United States (and a few in Europe) who have spent some portion of their working career at Marion Laboratories, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri, and/or its subsequent companies. They value the relationships they had with their fellow associates and wish to maintain contact with them as best they can.

If you count Marion Laboratories as a part of your career heritage, you are eligible to become a part of this fun group. The Club is based in Kansas City, Missouri and sponsors many activities, among them monthly breakfast for all local members, an annual spring luncheon, varied activities such as group visits to local attractions, group excursions to area casinos, picnics and casual get-togethers, with an elegant Holiday Party during the Christmas season.

Anyone who has worked for Marion Labs and successor companies that carried the name “Marion” — like MMD and HMR — can join the Marion Club.  To learn more, Contact Us!