Marion Eagles

May 2010: A trip down memory lane by Joe Montante, President (past) Marion Eagles:

Picture of Joe Montante“Sitting on my suit case….Lets see I have my Gaviscon (old package) just in case of too many Hot Dogs, my PRETTS is in case I need to curb my appetite. What happens if I get a “Bee String” fear I have Sting Kill fromHealth and Safety Inc.( Marion) . What if I need a quick nap …Aid- 1 ear plugs from Marion Health and Safety. Then there is my coffee mug (Cardizem). Of course I need to bring my Os-Cal (in the old package) Was going to bring OS-feo-CAL but as you know its in a glass bottle . ( address: on the bottle 29th at Grand ) Just for the spirit I will have my 1976…K.C.Royals “American League Western Division Champs Banner”. Oh yes the Bat…It is an Original Bat of Amos Otis. Our Division at Marion, IPC went to a Royals game and Amos cracked the bat in batting practice. My friend Paul Harmina sitting next to me ran down and asked Amos for the Bat ….it was given to Paul . Paul brought it back, gave it to me and said “give this to your son Mark”. Thanks again…Paul. Please notice the shirt…Cardizem Launch meeting March 5-10, 1989…..thank you ….yes it still fits. One final note, sorry I will not be able to bring my Record (long play 33 1/3 play) it is the OS-CAL calcium 35 year commemorative ablum (the one with the 57’ T-Bird on the front. We all remember that jewel.

SEE everyone soon… JOE MONTANTE, President (past) Marion Eagles……Motto: “ Eagles are found one at a time”